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Gereelde vrae

  • Who can participate?
    Anyone! As long as you have valid proof of identification, i.e. SA ID, SA driver's license, passport or asylum documentation, you can sign up to receive tips or transact.
  • Why should people sign up?
    Through tipped, we have increased earnings by almost 40% for the tippee. tipped allows you to transact without physical cash. It provides a safe and secure platfrom to save, spend and transact on. It allows for aiding in the unbanked and allows for financial inclusion. tipped is quick to the market and gives you the ability to keep up with the digital transition that our world is in, allowing you to still earn in a safer environment. With our entire mission statement being to facilitate equality over the first quarter of next year, we will be introducing multiple benefits for both the tipper and tippee that we are super excited about, so watch this space!
  • Is it safe?
    Absolutely. The technology behind our wallet is with Ukheshe Technologies, a leading fintech enablement partner with their sponsor bank being Nedbank. Our wallets are held within this space and our KYC process is passed through the Nedbank.
  • What makes tipped different to other QR coded payment platforms?
    tipped makes use of the Masterpass rails and so in saying this, you can use any of the following online banking apps to scan and send a tip. Alternatively, you can use you phone’s camera, Zapper or Snapscan. Banking apps: SPOT VodaPay Standard Bank Absa TelkomPay RMB FNB Nedbank Capitec Alternatively, you could open your own tipped wallet and set aside a tipping allowance per month. You will then be able to tip directly from tipped wallet to tipped wallet.
  • What app do I need to download in order to make use of tipped?
    The convenient aspect about tipped is that you don’t need one particular app. You can use any of the following banking apps (which already have a built in QR reader) Capitec FNB Pay Absa Nedbank Pay RMB Pay Vodapay Standard Bank Snapscan etc All you need to do is point your built in QR reader at the recipient's QR code on his/her lanyard, select the amount you want to tip and press pay. Easy as that!
  • How long does it take for the tipped amount to be available in the receiver's account?
    The transfer is instant and will be accessible immediately.
  • How do you as the public help the car guards in your area get onto tipped?
    Firstly, thank you for wanting to help! Please assist anyone that you think could benefit by assisting them in the sign up process. Here they can fill in their details, send through a screenshot of their proof of ID and take a selfie! Simple!
  • Do car guards pay bay fees to their employer?
    In some instances, the car guards do pay bay fees for their chosen lines (which gets rotated so that it is fair for all). This is set between the employer and the car guard, and the more prominent lines have to pay a larger percentage, however, this is the agreement between the employer and the car guard and has nothing to do with tipped or Centre Management. tipped is there to allow for car guards to earn more money so that they can walk away with a greater salary for services rendered.
  • Do car guards get paid from Center Management at all?
    Centre Management do not pay the car guards a salary, nor do they pay the associations that the car guards belong to. The car guards earn their entire salary from tips generated from the public. Tipping, in any form, is not mandatory. It fills a part of a social responsibility, backing the need to encourage employment. It is done from the goodness of our hearts for services that we feel are deserving.
  • How do I delete my profile off tipped?
    To delete your profile on tipped, open the tipped app on your device. Look for the three dots icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on it. From the menu that appears, select 'My Profile'. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile page where you'll find the option to 'Delete Account'. Tap on this option to proceed with deleting your profile from tipped. Confirm any prompts that may appear to complete the deletion process.
  • How do I recover my deleted tipped profile?
    To recover a deleted profile, please reach out to tipped Support for assistance with profile recovery.
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