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You can now tip car guards even if you do not have cash - MY BROADBAND

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

A new digital tipping solution – tipped™ – makes it possible for South Africans to tip car guards, petrol attendants, and hotel staff using your smartphone. Developed by a mobile wallet solution provider, tipped™ aims to provide people with a cashless and contact-free tipping environment.

The service is initially focussed on car guards who typically do not earn a salary from centre management. They earn their entire salary from tips generated from the public.

In some instances, car guards have to pay bay fees for their chosen lines. This fee is set between the employer and the car guard, and the more prominent lines have to pay a larger percentage.

tipped is now trying to allow car guards to earn more money so that they can walk away with a greater salary for services rendered.

When a car guard signs up to tipped, they receive their own digital wallet and a unique QR code.

People can tip a car guard by scanning the guard’s unique QR code through a payment app. There is no transfer fee on top of the tip.

tipped integrated with most payment apps, including Zapper, Absa, FNB Pay, Nedbank Scan to Pay, Capitec, Standard Bank, and Vodapay.

The car guard will immediately receive the tip in his digital wallet. Through the wallet they also have access to in-app services like buying airtime and data, pay for electricity, or buy products from Pick n’ Pay, Dischem, and KFC.

The service is funded by charging the receiver a 3% transaction charge to the person receiving the tip.

“So, if the car guard is tipped R10, R9.70 will be transferred into his bank account. This 3% fee is a transaction charge to facilitate the payment app used,” tipped explained.

“Payments are instant and contactless. The guard’s tips are instantly deposited into their digital wallet.”


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