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tipped™ enables you to tip anyone using your smartphone - CAPE TALK

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

'I wanted to instill some hope in desperate times' - CEO Kimlyn Temple

The new tipped system provides a contact-free, cashless way to tip people like car guards and petrol attendants.

Developed by a mobile wallet solution provider, it will hopefully help to provide a more stable income for those who rely on tips for an income.

The tipper incurs no charges and the tippee receives the money instantly via a digital wallet.

It's the impact of the Covid pandemic that finally pushed her to bring a long-standing idea to fruition says Kimlyn Temple, TiPPED owner and CEO.

It was developed for the betterment of others, not as a money-making scheme she emphasizes.
"It's for those guys that pitch up and stand there in the shopping centre rain or shine, the petrol station guy, the delivery guy, the driver. It's these guys that we are trying to support." Kimlyn Temple, CEO and owner - tipped
"Wanting to help, wanting to instill some hope - that drove it forward through these desperate times." Kimlyn Temple, CEO and owner - tipped
The associated costs (like a 3% banking charge) are covered through a rebate agreement with the providers of the value-added services.

Temple explains how the system works on the ground.
"We would set up each tip receiver, for example a car guard, with a digital wallet. We'd then assign them a unique QR code that correlates to this wallet... which works just as a bank account would." Kimlyn Temple, CEO and owner - tipped

"The tipper would then use a multitude of scanning apps that are available... You can use your FNB online..." Kimlyn Temple, CEO and owner - tipped

"You then use the QR reader that's built into the app to scan the code and transfer the tip. It's as simple as that!" Kimlyn Temple, CEO and owner - tipped

Have the car guards that have gone digital seen an increase in income?

"Within the first seven days of launching - which includes marketing, creating awareness - we already saw a 23% increase in their revenue." Kimlyn Temple, CEO and owner - tipped

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