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Your digital tipping and payment solution

Facilitating equality

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tipped is a new way of contributing and empowering individuals and communities.

Through these small personal interventions, economic imbalances can be corrected, bringing us closer to economic equality.

What is tipped™ ?

tipped is a digital tipping and payment solution aimed at any service personnel receiving gratuity. We make use of a QR code and digital wallet. The QR codes can be scanned directly by your online banking app – no need to download an app before tipping!

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About tipped™

In the hyperconnected world that we live in today, we are constantly driven and challenged by technological developments, and thus we need to ensure that we stay up to date with these advancements in order to uplift our communities and help society leverage off these modern business developments.


This is how tipped came into life.

tipped is a digital tipping solution, backed off advancements in technology to support a gap in the market by merging social responsibility, as well as yield a greater and more stable income for those in the tipping industry.

tipped allows customers to distribute a digital tip by scanning the service personnel's unique QR code through any of the following payment apps, including

Standard Bank
FNB Bank
BSA Bank
Telkom Pay
Capitec Bank

tipped has seen an increase in revenue for the receiver by almost 40%!

tipped's aim is to not just place a plaster on a social wound, but to move forward with an initiative that works, an initiative that encourages employment through increasing earnings for the receiver and allows those that have, to support those that don't have.


A solution to promote financial inclusion and aid the unbanked.

Cashback Partners

tipped partners
tipped partners

Who is tipped™ for?

Tippees Petrol attendants, car guards, golf caddies, hotel staff, porters, waiters and waitresses, bar tenders, domestic staff, beauticians, informal traders and more.


Tippers Public/customers

How does tipped™ work?

Instant Tipping On Your Phone!
Watch how easy it is.

Still have questions?
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Videos.

How to sign up

Click below to find out how to sign up to tipped and receive your QR code and digital wallet.

How to tip someone

We’ve made it really simple. There is no tipped app to download. Click below to follow the steps.

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Look out for our next big announcement for retailers. tapped!

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