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About TiPPED™

Mobilising Gratuity

In the hyperconnected world that we live in today, we are constantly driven and challenged by technological developments, and thus we need to ensure that we stay up to date with these advancements in order to uplift our communities and help society leverage off of these modern business developments. This is how TiPPED™ came into life.

TiPPED™ is an digital tipping solution, backed off advancements in technology to support a gap in the market by merging social responsibility, as well as yield a greater and more stable income for those in the tipping industry. It allows customers to distribute a digital tip by scanning the service personnel's unique QR code through any of the following payment apps, including Zapper, Standard Bank Group, Absa South Africa, FNB, Nedbank, Capitec, RMB Pay, QR Junction, and SPOT.


In the past 2 months we have run a proof of concept with car guards and have increased their revenue by 38%! It's been wonderful to see the impact it has already had, as well as the pride that it has brought back to those that have struggled so. We want to be that change that makes a difference! 

The aim of TiPPED is not to place a plaster on a social wound, but to move forward with an initiative that works - an initiative that encourages employment through increasing earnings for the receiver and allows those that have, to support those that don't have. A solution to promote financial inclusion and aid the unbanked. (#makingadifference #bethechange)


How it works

Car guard use-case scenario:

Untitled design (6).png

1. Car guards receive a digital wallet and unique QR code on their TiPPED lanyard.

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2. The tipper transfers a FREE digital tip to the guard by scanning their unique QR code on their lanyard. 


3. Done!

Payments are instant and contactless.

The guard's tips are instantly deposited into their digital wallet.

Did you know?

With signing up to TiPPED, each car guard receives their own digital wallet which allows them to not only receive tips instantly through a secure mobile wallet, but also make use of any of these in-app services:

  • Buy airtime and data from any cell network

  • Pay for electricity

  • Spend their tips directly through their wallet at any Wi-Group Merchant (Pick n' Pay, Dischem, KFC and many more)

  • Withdraw money

  • Play lotto

  • Move their money to their debit MasterCard or transfer money to other RSA bank accounts.

  • Allow themselves to save money in their wallets on a monthly basis.

Convenient, Cashless, Contactless and Covid Friendly.


1. What percentage of the tip does the tipped person actually receive?

TiPPED was brought about to yield a social responsibility - to aid and compliment a gratuity service. This service is about them and enabling them to earn where they wouldn’t have, for example, if someone doesn’t have cash to tip, there is now an alternative solution. Therefore we’ve minimised the charges as much as possible, however, it does come with a 3% transaction charge to them - so if the tipped (eg, car guard) is tipped R10, R9,70 will be transferred into his/her own bank account. This 3% fee is a transaction charge (much like a bank charge) to facilitate the payment app used. 

2. Do car guards get paid from Center Management at all?

Centre Management do not pay the car guards a salary, nor do they pay the associations that the car guards belong to. The car guards earn their entire salary from tips generated from the public and with covid 19 having a massive impact on the unemployment rate in South Africa, turning to the private sector to provide assistance and support as a result of this for SMEs, has not only become crucial, but essential. (Great ref article on McKinsey - Finding Africa’s path shaping solutions to save lives and livelihoods in the covid 19 crisis).

3. Do car guards pay bay fees to their employer?

In some instances, the car guards do pay bay fees for their chosen lines (which gets rotated so that it is fair for all). This is set between the employer and the car guard and the more prominent lines have to pay a larger percentage, however, this is the agreement between the employer and the car guard and has nothing to do with TiPPED or Centre Management. TiPPED is there to allow car guards to earn more money so that they can walk away with a greater salary for services rendered.

4. What app do I need to download in order to make use of TiPPED?

The convenient aspect about TiPPED is that you don’t need one particular app. You can use any of the following banking apps (which already have a built in QR reader)
Nedbank Pay
Standard Bank
QR Junction (my-iMali)

All you need to do is point your built in QR reader at the car guard’s QR code on his/her lanyard, select the amount you want to tip and press pay. Easy as that 🙂

5. How long does it take for the tipped amount to be available in the receiver's account?

The transfer is instant and will be accessible immediately.

6. How do you as the public help the car guards in your area get onto TiPPED?

Firstly, thank you for wanting to help!


So to start, we would need to liaise with the car guard association or company that the car guards belong to, as well as the Center Management/Property Management of the center. Once they have given us the go ahead, we register each car guard with their own bank account and give them a QR code which correlates to this bank account.

From there, it's just creating awareness in the surrounding area so that the public know that it exists and how to go about using it.

Please remember that tipping, in any form,  is not mandatory. It fills a part of a social responsibility, backing the need to encourage employment. It is done from the goodness of our hearts for services that we feel are deserving.


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